Throw Back Thursday Reflections

Yahterie-Anne Sykes Ortiz introduced me to the Hurricane Academic Decathlon team that she and her bestie, Catherine "Reads Good Books" Espinoza, were on during their junior year at Sam Houston.   The team competed in the State Competition (Small School Category) in February - March 2015.  That was my first time attending the SuperQuiz and Awards Ceremony / Banquet.

During their senior year, the team did well again and Ms. Marines, received recognition at the State Awards Banquet as 2016 Texas Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year.

In 2017, the Hurricanes became competitors at State in the Medium Schools Category for the first time.  The State Competition in late February 2017 was in El Paso.  Nobody felt good traveling back to San Antonio 'medaless" after the competition.  It proved to be a learning moment for the team.

The 2018 team just did a whole lot better.  The level of support around the community transmitted a message that Academic Decathletes Matter!

I have had a chance to get to the mountain top and see the Promise Land thanks to team members Brandy, Victoria, Sophie, Jonathan, Miguel, Guillermo, Jerry, and Mike and coaches, Ms. Marines and Ms. Saddler!

Mountain Top
Just a picture of what it feels like to be in the presence of Emerging Leaders demonstrating Academic Excellence as members of the award-winning Hurricane Academic Decathlon team!
Mountain Top
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