What happens when a senior citizen who lives on San Antonio's Eastside goes back to Tampa, FL for a short visit in August 2019 and later the same month travels to California?

Relive and share war stories with Brothers In Arms from the 509th (Vicenza, Italy 1975-78)

Share fellowships with Symbols of Hope and Opportunity (Mailoha and Ibrahim)

Visit Vistra Communications LLC Leaders

Relive memories from 2421 Bucknell Dr., Valrico, FL

Create a new logo based on the inspiration and nurturing received in Tampa Bay

Travel from San Diego to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vallejo, and Fort Bragg to see children

Enjoy a short visit with Sierra, Ryder, Roo, and Toot

Travel from Fort Bragg to San Francisco to San Diego to San Clemente to lunch with old roommate

Connect a Hurricane '19 Scholar with a new support group (Tom and Lori Harrison)

Experience Welcome Weekend for the University of San Diego Class of 2023

Witness a Hurricane move into her new home as a USD Torera

Participate in the Special Blessing for the USD Class of 2023

Return home with a Full Heart

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