Motivating Individual Minority Students


The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 public charity founded to help Emerging Leaders promote academic excellence.  Annually, we seeks to encourage a few public school students in urban ZIP codes to use their time in high school (and the resources available) to prepare to apply to the University of Notre Dame and/or other universities where over 90% of admitted students graduate in four years or less.


We have unlimited opportunities to practice the simplicity of kindness. One simple approach is to spend time with individual students and parents (or in small groups of students) and offer our 5 Ts (Time, Talent, Training, Thoughts, and Treasure) with the expressed goal of guiding some of them to use their strengths to prepare for and apply to Tier One Universities.


Jason Mims

University of Notre Dame '75

Vice President

Captain Raphael Waruinge

US Military Academy '15


Koinonia Martin Page, Esq.

Yale University  '01

Emerging Leaders Support Coordinator /Website Manager

Anne D. Ortiz

University of the Incarnate Word '18

Kindness Fellow Intern

Yahterie-Anne Sykes

Sam Houston HS '16

University of Notre Dame '20

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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