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Acts of Kindness inspire and nurture the Human Spirit.

Be the change we wish to see!

What if there are some high-achieving students in low-income urban high schools wishing/just waiting for their community to encourage them through Acts of Kindness to prepare for, apply to, attend, and graduate from amazing colleges and universities out of state!

Key Kindness Messages to Students and Families:

  1. People care about your education and you can go to amazing colleges and universities;

  2. If you can be anything, be Kind;

  3. Our 5 Ts (Gifts to Share with Others) are Time, Talent, Training, Thoughts, and Treasure.

Key Focus Areas of Kindness in 2020:

  1. Access to Tier One and other amazing Colleges and Universities;

  2. Cybersecurity Skills Development on San Antonio's Eastside;

  3. Community Effort to increase college completion rates.

This video offers insights into how high-achieving students from low-income communities might look at the value of their college education.  

Be the change we wish to see!

This video was created to promote the MIMS Institute Fellows Inc. by a group of University of the Incarnate Word HEB School of Business seniors as part of their terminal Capstone II Project in 2018.

Research shows that 


“…a large number--probably the vast majority--of very high-achieving students from low-income families do not apply to a selective college or university.”

Ways we use our 5 Ts "for the betterment of the quality of life"

  • Celebrate Academic Excellence

  • Host Academic Excellence Fellowships

  • Help students participate in college visits to amazing colleges

  • Administer the Safiya and Daren Miller No Boundaries Scholarship Program

  • Fish for high-achieving high school students in my ZIP code and elsewhere in my community

  • Guide and encourage students to apply to amazing colleges and universities

  • Partner with others to strengthen this national resource we call Public Education

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The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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