Eastside Starbucks Office Fellowship with Terrence Littlefield

10:30 - 12:00, Friday, June 14, 2019


Guiding Vision of the nonprofit that assumes responsibility for the management and operation of Sam Houston High School beginning at the start of the 2021-2022 school year.:  


The transfer of Knowledge occurs as students identify and share Kindness and Read Good Books. 

Acts of Kindness "inspire and nurture the Human Spirit..."

What will the Transfer of Knowledge from Good Books to my bookshelf look like when I graduate from Sam Houston High?

A Lesson taught in Kindergarten and reinforced throughout an Emerging Leader's journey at Sam Houston

Invite Hurricanes to Change the World by exceeding District and State averages in the following areas:

●Attendance Rate 

●EOC exam scores 

●Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores 

●SAT scores 

●CTE certifications 

●Percentage of students who are college-ready based on State standards 

Terrence and I also spent time at the Eastside Starbucks using the March 25, 2019 SAISD-approved In-District Charter School Application from Jefferson High School as a discussion guide. Here are a few topics that we looked at briefly and realized that others may have input to share:

Campus Demographics -- P. 25

Outcome for the Class of 2019 -- P. 27

Nonprofit Board Roles and Responsibilities -- P. 27 - 30

Budget Exercise --Page 36

Campus Advisory Board Role -- Page 31

Two assumptions below we will leave for further fellowships as well:

  1. There are a number of professionals and others on the Eastside who would be willing to share their gifts of time, talent, training, thoughts, and treasure as part of a nonprofit that assumes responsibility for the management and operation of Sam Houston High. 

  2. A number of Eastside residents, alumni, and others will be willing to identify people who will serve on the board of the nonprofit.


We realized toward the end of our fellowship that the nonprofit could invite Hurricanes to become part of Reading Circles and Kindness Circles sponsored by corporations, other businesses and other nonprofits/entities that recognize the Power of Kindness to change outcomes for students on the Eastside and throughout Bexar County.

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