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February 28, 2018

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. undertakes an effort to help shape the landscape, starting a year before residents on San Antonio's Eastside choose a new SAISD School Board Trustee for District 2.  The incumbent, the Honorable James Howard, will complete his twentieth consecutive year as the Eastside's local elected school board member in May 2019.  He has previously announced his intent to step down at the end of his current term.

Over the past three years, Jason Mims has promoted Academic Excellence on San Antonio's Eastside.  His volunteer efforts at Sam Houston gained him recognition at the 2017 Friends of Sam Houston Community Scholarship Breakfast.  The committee presented him with a community service awarder his efforts to share the message that "Academic Excellence Matters!"

Jason was a candidate for School Board Trustee, District 2, in 2015.  He ran, primarily, to give the 18,290 registered voters of District 2 a choice when some of them exercised their voting responsibility.   He only filed just before the filing deadline because no other Eastside resident had stepped forward to challenge the incumbent.

We now find ourselves with about a year before the next filing period ends for the School Board election in May 2019.  The hope is that more than one resident will present the residents of District 2 with choices of whom to elect.  The trustee is an unpaid servant of the people. That reduces the pool of potential candidates  to those willing to represent their constituents for free.

Several topics related to education on the Eastside could be part of fellowships over the coming year with those who have contributed their views to The African American Network's ( 300 Voices in 300 Days,

Overaged Students at Sam Houston High and feeder schools

What should the community use WW White Elementary facilities for

Support for Organizations and Programs at Sam Houston High, specifically:

  1. Academic Decathlon Team

  2. Robotics Team

  3. Engineering Institute

  4. CyberPatriots

  5. Police Explorers

  6. National Honor Society

  7. JROTC Hurricane Battalion

  8. Class of 2020 Potential Applicants to Tier One Universities 

  9. Youth and Government

  10. College trips/visits to amazing colleges and universities

There is an opportunity for residents and community leaders on the Eastside to discuss these and other topics routinely over the coming year.  It may lay a foundation that our next School Board Trustee continues and builds upon.  

Jason Mims will reach out to those who participated in the 300 Voices in 300 Days.  Hopefully, meeting with 2 to 4 of them per week is a realistic goal.


Bottom Line:  During 2018, there will be clear evidence that people on the Eastside discuss opportunities for young people to make Sam Houston "the school of choice" for students preparing for Tier One Universities. 

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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