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We could also call this the Blessings Tab.

We look around and notice progress.

Sometimes, progress looks like grass growing in the desert.  

At other times, we see a rock moves, even if only slowly.

Everyday, there is the opportunity to speak to others about Academic Excellence.

I imagine how those words might sound when I mention them on the Eastside.

Academic Excellence is not a routine item on the community's agenda--yet!

Four recent instances devoid of Academic Excellence:

District 2 City Council Candidate Forum, March 10 (2 Hours)

Community Engagement Workshop , March 11 (4 Hours)

Mayor's Task Force on Crime and Community Policing, March 20 (2.5 Hours)

Express News Online Expose "Promises to Keep," March 17 (More than 2,000 Words)

I don't know what you're going through life doing if you're not really trying to promote, witness, and nurture Academic Excellence on San Antonio's Eastside!