We could also call this the Blessings Tab.

We look around and notice progress.

Sometimes, progress looks like grass growing in the desert.  

At other times, we see a rock moves, even if only slowly.

Everyday, there is the opportunity to speak to others about Academic Excellence.

I imagine how those words might sound when I mention them on the Eastside.

Academic Excellence is not a routine item on the community's agenda--yet!

Four recent instances devoid of Academic Excellence:

District 2 City Council Candidate Forum, March 10 (2 Hours)

Community Engagement Workshop , March 11 (4 Hours)

Mayor's Task Force on Crime and Community Policing, March 20 (2.5 Hours)

Express News Online Expose "Promises to Keep," March 17 (More than 2,000 Words)

I don't know what you're going through life doing if you're not really trying to promote, witness, and nurture Academic Excellence on San Antonio's Eastside! 

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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