Why Give to the MIMS Institute Fellows Inc.

My Alma Mater and other amazing colleges and universities challenge us to be Forces for Good in the communities where we live.
The public high school (my Alma Mater) in my ZIP code that can become the School of Choice for students on the Eastside, within SAISD, San Antonio, and Bexar County!

The new decade began with a month of witnessing and celebrating Kindness and Academic Excellence. 

  • University of Notre Dame Presence on San Antonio's Eastside

  • East Coast - West Coast Recognition of Hurricane Gifts

  • Recognition of Hurricane Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service

Your Kindness inspires and nurtures our passion for witnessing and celebrating Academic Excellence in urban ZIP codes.


Last year was the end of the decade and we treasure the support bestowed upon the MIMS Institute Fellows Inc.  Our donors numbered over 35 individuals and corporations (Microsoft, Google, and HEB) allowing us to present Safiya and Daren Miller No Boundaries Scholarships of $2,000 each to three local Emerging Leaders attending amazing universities.  


We were able to experience what it feels like to “Be the change you want to see in this world” last year as well.  It is important to us to witness and celebrate Academic Excellence in urban ZIP codes.  The pictures we created with Emerging Leaders from ZIP code 78220 and other Emerging Leaders in 2019 reflect that we did just that.  


When we share our gifts of Time, Talent, Training, Thoughts, and Treasure (Our 5 T’s), we are intentional in transmitting two messages:  Kindness Matters and “People care about your education and you can go to amazing colleges and universities!” We are able to convince young people because of your support of these messages.  Donations last year exceeded $23,000—for real!


Three of our recent No Boundaries scholarship recipients demand that I delay my retirement plans “until we graduate from college and take over.”  I hear them.  Therefore, this year we will continue to promote Academic Excellence in urban ZIP codes, increase awareness about Cybersecurity skills development opportunities in ZIP code 78220, and help build the community effort to increase college completion rates on San Antonio’s Eastside.


When I responded to the Obedience Memo I received at the beginning of the century to embark upon this journey, it did not come with instructions.  Entering the third decade of the journey excites me because of “donors like you.” I hear that a lot at the end of the PBS News Hour!


Thank you for your Kindness!

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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