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 Sharing our gifts in 2020:

Tier One Universities

100% Needs Met Colleges 

Most Selective Colleges

  • Support the "Tiniest Dot" (urban public high school students daring to prepare for, apply to, attend, thrive, and graduate from amazing out-of-state colleges and universities)

  • Support developing Cybersecurity Specialists on the Eastside

  • Support Hurricanes seeking to benefit from Alamo Promise (free tuition and fees to attend St. Philip's and other Alamo Colleges to earn an Associate's degree and/or industry certifications)

Kung-Fu Project #4

2015 Sam Houston High Grad Kevin Khamphoumanivong's journey to the US Air Force Academy

I have a story to share.  

Respond to this scenario:  


There are a few/some (a number greater than zero) high-achieving students in low-income urban public high schools hoping (wishing/just waiting) for someone in their community to encourage them to prepare for, apply to, attend, and graduate from amazing out of state colleges and universities.

Pictures to Include:

Autumn Leaves Blessing


Make their journeys count...Create Pipelines to Amazing Colleges and Universities

Explore amazing opportunities well beyond our comfort zone/ZIP codes

A snapshot of some Sam Houston Hurricanes this decade who found their way to Tier One Universities and other amazing out-of-state colleges and universities

  1. Kirsten Redmon

  2. Bria Webb

  3. Kevin Khamphuomanivong

  4. Anita Franklin

  5. Yahterie-Anne Sykes Ortiz

  6. Catherine/Cadence Espinoza 

  7. Tierra Starks

  8. Jonathan Gadison

  9. Tyrell Miller

  10. Brandy Vargas

  11. Rosalinda Martinez

  12. Deziree Guerra

A partial list of others encountered since 2001 (mostly from Tampa Bay) who journeyed to amazing colleges and universities:

  1. Koinonia Martin Page

  2. Jason II 

  3. Geryah White

  4. John Lowe

  5. Leroy Terrelonge

  6. Justin Gray

  7. Joseph Browne

  8. Safiya Miller

  9. Mailoha Abedelejo

  10. Chris Copeland

  11. Tyrone Keys Jr. 

  12. Cleopatra Wise

  13. Jarred Carter

  14. Jasmine Browne

  15. Daren Miller

  16. Zach Bradley 

  17. Savannah Bradley

  18. Ashley McBride

  19. Ashira Pelt

  20. Ibrahim Apata

  21. Nicholas Rivera

  22. Raphael Waruinge


  1. Yemajha Carraballo

  2. Malik Johnson

  3. Sierra Mims

  4. Chris Butler

And yet others from the Greater San Antonio area and SAISD:

  1. CJ Edwards

  2. Cayne Edwards

  3. C Edwards

  4. Roger Palacios 

  5. C Arizpe 

  6. Nikol Espinoza

Provide opportunities for Eastside San Antonio community members to learn How To:

  1. Acknowledge Comfort Zones

  2. Respond to what the Research says

  3. Realize what local guidance students receive about going to college

  4. Identify and explore Amazing colleges and universities 

  5. Review ZIP code analyses 

  6. Gather and share Students of color stories

  7. Understand what Academic preparation looks like

  8. Support Preparation of students to benefit in resource-rich environments 

  9. Help students prepare to Contribute to resource-rich environments

  10. Show how Community-based support makes a huge difference 

  11. Participate in building Pipelines to amazing colleges and universities 

  12. Encourage students to Grow outside of their comfort zone

  13. Fellowship with Teachers/education professionals willing to help

  14. Be among those counted as Community trusted friends and guides

  15. Provide input to School District and state goals for high-achieving students from urban ZIP codes

  16. Be present during the students' Long-term journey 

  17. Guide students toward amazing First-year + summer college experiences 

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!