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Eastside San Antonio Road Signs to Tier 1 Universities

The next Sam Houston High Student On The Rise Advisory Council meeting will be on Wednesday, December 7, at 1 PM, 4635 E. Houston St. Attendees should go directly to the Cherokee Room (west end of main building) to avoid interrupting student testing taking place on campus. This will be the last advisory council meeting for 2016.

Items on the agenda:

  1. Review 4 months (August – November) of progress that included SAISD Foundation—funded trips to amazing universities;

  2. Efforts by SHHS Emerging Leaders to add road signs to Tier 1 Universities to the Eastside landscape (see below)

  3. Info related to March 2017 SAISD Spring Break trips to Tier 1 Universities

Jason Orosco is president of Sam Houston’s Student Council. Tierra Starks is president of Sam Houston’s National Honor Society. The SAISD Foundation funded college visits trips these two seniors took this year. Tierra visited over 20 colleges in the Northeast this summer (the “Ya Veremos” trip) and both went on the Southern California “We Went” trip in late October.

These Emerging Leaders embrace the challenge of developing a project and briefing San Antonio District 2 City Councilman Alan Warrick II. He is the 2017 San Antonio Martin Luther King, Jr. Honorary Commission Chair. The Emerging Leaders’ briefing to Mr. Warrick will address how students going to Sam Houston High (The Pride of the Eastside) will change the landscape.

The student might show Councilman Warrick and other leaders in District 2 how participants during the January 18, 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. March will see road signs suggesting that SAISD students are preparing themselves to apply to Tier 1 Universities.

SAISD Superintendent and Board Trustees during the 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr March

What road signs will participants of the 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. March on San Antonio's Eastside see guiding young people to amazing colleges?

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