• Jason Mims

Yet Another Rock Moved A Bit

On the first Monday of April 2017, the Notre Dame Admissions Officer for Texas and Arizona breathed air on San Antonio’s East Side. Martin Scruggs, a Regional Alumni Association Director, Monica Newland, Admissions Officer for Texas and Arizona, and Valerie Alonzo, the president of the ND Club of San Antonio shared information about the University of Notre Dame with an “amazing group of students” at St. Gerard Catholic High School.

Their visit to the East Side encourages me. While neither the Admissions Office nor the local Alumni Club approves my efforts, I use some of my time, talent, training, and treasure to guide public school students on the East Side and in San Antonio Independent School District toward amazing colleges and universities, including Notre Dame, my alma mater.

About five months ago, Lieutenant General Caslen, Superintendent of the US Military Academy, came to Sam Houston High School, my alma mater on the East Side. He came with officers from West Point’s Admissions Office and a team to nurture Ethics and STEM awareness. General Caslen spoke to “a group of amazing students” and spent three hours of his time with them.

It is pictures like these that prompt me to get up in the morning. I have faith—no, I also see—that there are caring adults well beyond the East Side willing to invite our young people to “Explore, Dream Big, and Make A Difference!” By hanging around the East Side for a while now, I get to witness what happens when students demonstrate Academic Excellence—and the amazing possibilities that might occur if Academic Excellence becomes a routine item on this community’s agenda!

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