Goals -- 2021 and Beyond

  1. SB 1882 benefits families and students on the Eastside

  2. Sam Houston becomes the School of Choice in Bexar County

  3. Hurricanes experience/demonstrate the Power of Kindness

  4. National Urban Model School District (SAISD) has a Kindness campus

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Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome. -- Samuel Johnson

The Power of Kindness 

Acts of Kindness inspire and nurture the Human Spirit so that Sam Houston Hurricanes demonstrate Academic Excellence, College and/or Career Readiness, and what development of the Whole Person looks like.

Amazing Colleges and Universities

Cybersecurity Specialists

Groups of Students

  • Kindness Scholars

  • Workforce Ready

  • Mentoring Scholars

  • Emerging Kindness Fellows

New Kindness Order of Things

Senate Bill 1882

SAISD In-District Charter

Nonprofit Governing Board

Campus Autonomy

Remains a neighborhood school

Attracts students county-wide

Additional resources for students

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April 23, 2019


SUBJECT:  One Response to "Save Sam" Plus  


Management Agreement approved by SAISD Trustees and Texas Education Association


Includes these words:

Kindness, Academic Excellence, Eastside Nonprofit

[Add other words from Eastside stakeholders]


Assume responsibility for the management and operations of Sam Houston as an in-district charter high school in accordance with SB 1882


Eastside nonprofit organization or group


Beginning 2021-22 school year


Checks all of the SAISD "Annual Call for Quality Schools" boxes 

Through Senate Bill 1882 Law

Sam Houston Could Benefit

Corporate and Private Dollars and Resources

Eastside Non-Profit Organization

Federal, State, Local

Tax Dollars

Campus Autonomy

More Dollars and Resources for Hurricanes

  • College Readiness

  • Career Readiness

  • Whole Person Development

Local Control

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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