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Jason and April, both grew up on San Antonio's Eastside. During most of the 1960s, they lived in the Artesia Park in ZIP code 78220.  They attended Sam Houston High ("The Pride of the Eastside").  Jason graduated from there in 1971.  He had an Army ROTC scholarship and "stumbled upon" the opportunity to go to the University of Notre Dame.  April graduated from Sam Houston and graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio in 1981.  In December 1981, the two San Antonians exchanged wedding vows at Fort Ord, California where Jason was serving as Commander, Company C, 2nd Battalion, 31st Infantry (Polar Bears).

Jason II arrived while they were still in California.  At the time, Jason Sr. was pursuing a Master's degree in National Security from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.  The little family next went to Washington DC for a year and then to Lilongwe, Malawi for another year.  The year in Africa gave Jason Sr. the opportunity to travel throughout Southern and West Africa. A 6-month course at the Armed Forces Staff College followed the year in Africa.  Sierra arrived just before the family moved to Tampa, Florida in January 1987.  

Both Jason II and Sierra attended public schools (Hillsborough County Public Schools) in Tampa.  Jason II graduated from Bloomingdale High in 2001 and New York University in 2005.  His little sister graduated from Robinson High in 2005 and from the University of Tampa (with Honors) in 2008.  While participating as a parent in his children's public education, Jason Sr. recognized the wide-open opportunity to serve as a "trusted friend and guide to other people's children."

In January 2002, Hillsborough County Public School administrators gave him approval to spend the next several months in fellowship with black male freshmen in the district who were taking English I Honors during the 2001-2002 school year.  For the next 15 years, Jason Senior has continued to "redirect family and other resources" to support his calling to guide young people to amazing colleges and universities.  

April and Jason Sr. moved back to San Antonio's Eastside in 2011.  Jason II stayed in New York City after graduating from NYU.  In 2016, Sierra and her husband, Ryder made the move from Tampa Bay (Gulfport) to Fort Bragg in Northern California.

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