Our $1,000 Donor Club

Safiya Miller (San Francisco, roots in St. Petersburg, FL/NYC)

Daren Miller (New York, roots in St. Petersburg, FL/NYC)



Joshua Browne (Tampa)

Anonymous (San Antonio)

Anonymous (San Diego)

During 2018, the MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. received gifts from two siblings, Safiya and Daren Miller.  Their employers (Microsoft and Google, respectively) matched their generous donations.  We, in turn, provided two graduating seniors in the Top Ten, Class of 2018 at Sam Houston American Express cards to fund their late-August trips to begin their freshman year at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and Middlebury College in Vermont.  Rosalinda's parents flew with her to Boston for the move in experience.  Brandy's granddad drove her, her mom, and her friend to Middlebury for her first move-in experience at an elite Liberal Arts college.

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