Here is a list of community-based supports and efforts that the MIMS Institute offers to students and parents "ready at this time" to receive the gifts we have to offer:
Academic Excellence Fellowships


We meet with students and parents to celebrate achievements, provide a supportive network to ensure academic success. Fellowships can take various forms to include: School and Classroom Visits, Mentorship, informal meetings, and celebrations.

Opportunities to Serve Others


Students are exposed to community services opportunities that will create personal growth as well as improve our community. These opportunities are not restricted to their high school experience.

'Students on the Rise' / College Visit Trips to Top Tier and Tier 1 Universities


In conjunction with other community initiatives, the Mims Institute has partner to provide students that otherwise would not be able the opportunity to visit Top Tier universities out of state. 

Information Gathering from SAISD School Board Meetings


We gather information from the School Board, school district community meetings and any other sources. This information we share with parents and students. 

Resources Information


We provide assistance to research financial resources, scholarships, flex-funding and other resources.

The MIMS Institute Fellows, Inc. 

Academic Excellence Matters!

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