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Welcome to the MIMS Institute Fellows Inc.!

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At MIMS Institute Fellows Inc we share our Kindness Gifts to help Emerging Leaders in low-income and other ZIP codes gain access to Tier One Universities and other amazing colleges and universities.

Our Award-Winning Strategy
In Support of the Starfish...

Gather information about exceptional opportunities from primary and reliable secondary sources

Share information with students and families 

Connect students and families to local and national resources that further fuel Enthusiasm for Learning

Build the community's capacity to do the same.

Our Kindness Gifts ...


Focus in 2023

  • Critical Kindness Theory (CKT)

  • Academic Excellence

  • Eastside Quantum Computing

Critical Kindness Theory

We want to learn more and document how Kindness helps people during their journey.  The thought is that success is related to how we share our Kindness gifts and embrace the Kindness gifts others have to share.

This applies to individuals, neighborhoods, communities, the nation, and, indeed, the world.  We start by gathering information from individuals and sharing some of their insights about what Kindness looks like to them.

Academic Excellence

What are we doing for and with young people in low-income ZIP codes who can and do "read good books?"


This is the key question in the sandbox in which we share our gifts.  ​
We witness and celebrate Academic Excellence in urban ZIP codes. There are young people in such communities who are capable of gaining access to America's Best Colleges.  Since the beginning of the 21st Century, we have been blessed to encounter some who dare apply to amazing colleges and universities committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need.  

Our interest in Academic Excellence is much broader than that though,

Eastside Quantum Computing

Our goal, along with S.H. James Prep, is to increase awareness in urban ZIP codes that "the Future is Quantum."  Since the Summer of 2021, we have found young people who are willing to explore Introduction to Quantum Computing.  The numbers are small through the end of 2022, but we remain committed to offering a "grassroots" course and connecting students to the The Coding School and the Qubit by Qubit "Introduction to Quantum Computing" course led by PhD candidates from MIT and University of California Berkeley.  

This is the Quantum Decade.  Are young people in urban ZIP codes gaining access to information about Quantum Computing?  

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