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“I don’t know what you’re going through life doing if you’re not really trying to collect some really great memories.” Channing Tatum

Every year, I embrace the whole month of May as my birth month. My actual birthday is on the 20th.  Over the years, I have experienced some really great memories around my birthday.  I am blessed, highly favored, and grateful for all who have kept pouring gifts into my Kindness bucket.

Here are a few samples from the last nine years (age 60 - 69):


May 20, 2022 April and I had a celebration at Eastside Starbucks.  The gifts are from Ben, Koinonia, and the honorary grandsons in Brookline (Boston).  They hit the mark with The Story of the Starfish in addition to a book of African Proverbs.

Judy Geelhoed, executive director of the SAISD Foundation joined us.  Her presence is a reminder of the opportunities for the community to be heavily engaged in helping high school graduates persist and complete college.  On the Eastside, we can join the SAISD Foundation in this important endeavor.


May 20, 2021 Spent my 68th birthday in Mendocino County, California with Lima Sierra and Ryder--after getting my birthday sandwich at Starbucks in Fort Bragg!  Birthday Dinner with Lima Sierra Wooten, Ryder, and Jackie at #casadelsol — good food, fellowship, dessert and the obligatory birthday song! Then they made me chop wood for my keep #justkiddingguys

May 2020 So @simplydezz @l_ortiz32 and Maria swung by today to drop off a cherished birthday gift—a picture book, “Journey of a mentor and mentee...”. Thank you for your Kindness @simplydezz

@sierrawoot & @greensunconsultants birthday card (third picture) reflects my sentiments about this journey!  #enjoythejourney #torerasophomore #universityofsandiego #samhoustonhighschool #kindnessmatters

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